Finding my way, sharing my finds

Goodbye To My Mid-20s, and to Mid20Chronicles

farewellLast month, I turned 28, officially entering my late 20s.

Actually, there’s a good chance I entered “late 20s” territory last year on my birthday; I was just trying to give myself a little more time.

But now at 28, there’s just no denying the imminence of the big 3-0.  And in the interest of honoring the authenticity of this blog, I have decided to make this my last Mid20Chronicles blog.

It has truly been an honor to find my way and share my finds on this blog with you.  This blog (and my related Bucket List) have pushed me to raise the bar and dig deeper in my personal, professional and spiritual lives. Thank you for that.

This blog will make 77 posts, which I think is a pretty nice number on which to end.  In the three years since I started this blog, Mid20Chronicles has had 69 blog followers, 26,603 views and 324 comments.

My most read blog on my site was “The Dark Side of Bleach Blonde Hair,” which garnered 3,500 views. And the most blog views I ever got in one day was 482.

Readers have come from all over, including Asia, Europe and Australia.

But of course, these are just the site statistics.  They don’t begin to tell you the full story behind the last three years, which includes:

It truly has been a wonderful three years.  And in doing some research for this blog, I realized that a lot of what I experienced during my mid-20s is very common for people at this stage in life.  Here are  some funny and insightful articles I found for your reading pleasure:

And by the looks of it, I definitely started transitioning into the late 20s within the last year or two:

Well, I’m signing off now. I will still be in the WordPress world – and I’m sure that if you seek out my new blog, you will find its passages on the web somewhere.

Be well.  And thanks for stopping by and reading Mid20Chronicles.



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