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Giving Back Through My Bucket List

Bucket List 2A couple of weeks ago, I told you about my plans to update my Bucket List to be more of a lifelong journey kind of list.

Thanks to those who offered advice as well as such blogs like The Goal List, Project Light to Life, Bucketlist.org, and Bucket List Journey that provided inspiration and ideas.

Check out my new and improved list here.

A lot of these goals will take several years to cross off but I’m so excited to finally have them down on paper.

Another Major Change to My Bucket List

While researching new items for my Bucket List, I came across a blog that suggested that Bucket Lists can become self-indulgent pretty quickly.  The writer encouraged anyone who starts a Bucket List to use it to help others in the process.

That really resonated with me and so I’ve decided that moving forward, any Bucket List item I cross off, I will donate $20 to either charity or to helping someone else.

I’ve already been tithing as a way of glorifying God and so I thought this was a perfect complement to that.

Better scoot for now but hope you all have a wonderful day!

Be well.

3 comments on “Giving Back Through My Bucket List

  1. Shelly @ The Goal List
    September 7, 2014

    Great new list!!! Thanks for the mention. I’m so happy that I help with a part of this process in some way. I like how you decided to give back/reach out with your list. I’m still trying to figure out something, I feel like inspiring people and sharing resources is just the beginning.

    • emeraldgazes
      September 12, 2014

      I completely agree! For me, everything feels better when there’s a charity component to it. And thanks for the inspiration! I’m really impressed with your list and the progress you’ve made on it. My life is definitely richer because of my Bucket List.

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